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 The Light and Dark Age (Part 3)

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PostSubject: The Light and Dark Age (Part 3)   Mon Sep 26, 2016 9:48 am

A Icytail named Silver decided to do some experiments on some Lizards that didn't evolve. He did experiment after experiment but he learned nothing. While he rested, he sat near one of the lizards and thought terrible thoughts because he was mad that the experiments didn't work. The lizard that exposed to those dark thoughts, evolved into a dragon with black scales and blue piercing eyes.

Silver was thrilled to see this dragon and exposed more lizards to dark thoughts. He didn't realized he was created evil dragons with icy hearts. Silver called them, Spikeeyes. (He wasn't good at names)

The dragons attacked Silver and trashed his home and flew off, causing chaos. Silver was shocked and knew he had to stop them! He decided with the Lizards he had left. He exposed them to happy and light thoughts. They evolved into white and blue dragons. He called them Lighthearts.

The Lighthearts attacked the Spikeeyes and chased them off. The Spikeeyes were renamed Midnighthearts and were banished from the island. The Lighthearts flew up to the clouds and live there. It is rumored that if the Midnighthearts ever return, the Lighthearts would chase them out once again.
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The Light and Dark Age (Part 3)
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