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 The Tribes

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PostSubject: The Tribes   Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:12 am

The Main Tribes


Territory: They live on the eastern part of the island. They live in a network of tunnels under it.

Leader: King Smoke

Behavior: They are tricksters who love pulling jokes on the other tribes. They may be kind and jokey most of the time, if someone trespasses on their territory, they will not be afraid to fight to the death

How do they chose their leader: When the leader is dead, they bring all his/her relatives into the moonlight and whoever glows is the next leader.

Prey: They eat groundhogs and other barrowing creatures but if they cant find any, they will go to the surface and hunt for anything they can find.

Colors: Dark colors


Territory: They live on the cold northern part of the island.

Leader: Queen Iceberg

Behavior: They are vain and prideful and  love flaunting their beautiful tails. They can be strong fighters though and wont be afraid to go into war.

How do they chose their leader: When the leader is dead, the oldest Icytail will chose the next leader.

Prey: They eat seals,fish, and penguins. Sometimes polar bears and rarely a whale.

Colors: Light Blue shades


Territory: Is on the Southern part of the island.

Leader: Queen Juniper

Behavior: They are quiet and shy. They try to avoid fights and the other tribes. Mostly due to them not having any natural weapons.

How they chose their leader: The queen has a list of the dragons she wants to be leader. The one on the top (If they are alive and healthy) will be leader.

Prey: Fish, Dolphins, and other sea creatures

Colors: Different Shades of Blue and Green


Territory: In a forest on the western part of the island

Leader: King Mania

Behavior: Protective of nature and hates when other dragons litters or burn down a tree. They love animals and plants.

How they chose their leader: They put it to vote

Prey: They are vegetarians and only eat fruits and veggies.

Colors: Shades of Green or Brown


The Light and Dark Tribes


Territory: On a small dark shadowy island outside of the other dragons territory

Leader: Queen Destiny

Behavior: Evil,killers, and wants to destroy or make life miserable for the other tribes.

How they chose their leaders: When their leader dies, they fight to death and who ever wins is leader.

Prey: Anything they can find

Colors: Shades of Black and grey



Territory: In a floating kingdom in the sky. Above the middle of the island above Light Town. No other dragon besides Lighthearts and Midnighthearts can fly up to it or see it.

Leader: King Equal

Behavior: Happy, peaceful, and kind. Hate Midnightwhearts.

How they chose their leader: They never needed to because their king is immortal.

Prey: Birds and anything they can get.

Colors: Shades of Blue,White,and yellow and rarely purple

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The Tribes
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